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WATCH: Excited Panda Romps Around in Fresh Toronto Zoo Snow

After a few inches of snow whitened the city of Toronto Sunday into Monday, cameras at the Toronto Zoo caught Da Mao, one of two giant pandas, romping around in the fresh powder.

On YouTube, the zoo nicknamed the panda's antics ‘bear-bogganing' as he tumbled down the slippery hills of his exhibit.

Giant Panda's like Da Mao, native to the mountain ranges in south-central China, are not total strangers to snowfall. Temperatures can drop to below freezing at times in the high elevations of their natural habitats and deliver shots of wintry weather.

Well, at least someone likes the snow. ❄️🐼 #playtime #giantpanda #pandagram #instacute #DaMao #torontozoo

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This was likely not Da Mao's first snow experience, either, as the six-year-old arrived in Toronto in 2013. Last November, the city picked up 1-3 inches from the Nov. 23-28.

The opportunity for another few inches will arrive for the city Wednesday, though temperatures will be noticeably lower than on Monday. The forecast low overnight Tuesday is 15 degrees, nearing the record low of 13 F for the date.