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First Snow of Season for Parts of Poland, Eastern Europe

A slow-moving storm will bring the first accumulating snowfall to areas from eastern Poland and western Ukraine into Belarus and the Baltic states this week.

The storm brought another round of locally heavy rainfall to northern Italy and the northern Balkans on Monday and Tuesday, impacting areas that have suffered through extreme flooding this month.

The storm will now move eastward and stall near the Black Sea on Thursday. As a result, rain will fall across the eastern Balkans as well as central Ukraine.

Farther north and west, cold air will lead to snow from western Ukraine and eastern Poland into the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This will be first measurable snow of the season for the region following a rather mild October and first half of November which featured temperatures 1-4 degrees Celsius (2-6 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal.

A general 2-8 cm (1-3 inches) will fall across the region with a narrow band of 8-15 cm (3-6 inches) falling from far western Ukraine northward into central Latvia.

Cities that will get their first measurable snowfall include Warsaw, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine; and Kaunas, Lithuania.

Snowfall will taper off on Friday as the storm departs the region leaving areas to clean up the first wintry mess of the season.

High pressure building in from Russia will cause largely dry and cold conditions with just some flurries over the weekend.