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Harrisburg: Rain to Precede Harshest Cold Since Last Winter

Harrisburg will escape accumulating snow on Monday, but not a blast of the harshest cold since last winter.

The chill causing Harrisburg to shiver this weekend will pale in comparison to the arctic blast that awaits the Northeast after a storm moves through on Monday.

Without stubborn cold air in place, the storm will mainly be a rainmaker for Harrisburg. At the start of the storm, a wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain will fall, but is expected to change over to all rain. The rain will wash away any small amount of snow that does accumulate. The storm's snow and wintry mix will remain confined to the interior Northeast.

Monday's rain could still cause headaches for travelers by slowing down motorists and potentially leading to flight delays.

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As the rain comes to an end, the door will open for the coldest air so far this season to pour in. The cold air, however, should not catch up to the rain and lead to a changeover to snow.

Howling winds will usher the frigid air in, making for the harshest day in terms of cold for Harrisburg since last winter.

As temperatures are held to the 30s, RealFeel® temperatures will fail to rise out of the teens. Residents will definitely want to bundle up and make sure that pets and children are kept warm.

Another brisk and chilly day will unfold on Wednesday, when highs in the lower 50s and lows in the lower 40s are more typical this time of year.

Temperatures are expected to rebound during the week of Thanksgiving.