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Minneapolis: Snowstorm Precedes Frigid New Week

A travel-disrupting snowstorm will kick off what is shaping up to be a frigid new week for Minneapolis.

After nothing more than flurry or two flies this weekend, the snowstorm will unfold on Monday as a storm system from the Rockies arrives.

The snow will actually begin before daybreak on Monday with the brunt of the storm occurring during the daylight hours.

Current forecasts put Minneapolis in the path of the heaviest snow zone, but a slight shift in the storm track could push the worst of the snowstorm out of Minneapolis and toward Duluth.

It is also possible that several inches of snow still falls, but sleet mixes in and slightly holds down amounts.

Warmth stored in the pavement may initially cause the snow to melt. However as the rate of the snow increases, roads will turn slippery.

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Motorists should anticipate slower and slick travel on interstates 35, 94 and 494, as well as other city streets.

Brisk winds threaten to further reduce visibility by blowing the snow around. For those traveling by foot, the winds will contribute to RealFeel® temperatures in the teens.

Airline passengers should prepare for possible flight delays and cancellations, while disruptions to daily routines and school cancellations are possible for residents.

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While the arrival of colder air on Monday will allow the snowstorm to unfold, brutally colder arctic air will surge in following the snow's passage.

Temperatures will be held to the 20s through the remainder of the week, when highs in the lower 40s are more typical. Later in the week, that cold will come despite more sunshine than clouds.