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Weekly Wrap Up: Fireballs Ignite Across Skies Worldwide

A brilliant streak of emerald-tinted light burst across skies, and was sighted from the Ohio Valley and as far south as Georgia, Monday shortly after 6:20 p.m. EST.

The American Meteor Society received over 200 reports of the astronomical phenomenon. Witnesses described the fireball as having a vivid green color as it dashed across the eastern skies.

By Friday, the American Meteor Society reported more than 1100 people reported witnessing the event.

In a September interview with, American Meteor Society Spokesman Robert Lunsford said that fireballs are much larger than typical meteors. Still, catching sight of one is a rare feat.

"On a personal level, you may see one or two of them per lifetime," Lunsford said. "They're pretty rare for the individual."

Another fireball was spotted over Japan early this week as well, followed by sightings of another event over the southeastern U.S. Thursday night.

While Nuri strengthened into a super typhoon in the western Pacific Sunday, it weakened to a tropical storm early Thursday, local time and passed eastward off Japan, sparing the region of significant threats.

The former Super Typhoon Nuri continued to move northward Friday into the Bering Sea, located in between Alaska and Russia.

Due to the massive size of the storm, impacts will be felt hundreds of miles away from the storm's center through much of the weekend.

Also this week, twin waterspouts spun off the coast of Liguria, Italy, on Thursday, Nov. 6, just one day after a violent tornado touched down near Catania, Italy, and caused damage in the area early Wednesday morning.

"[Tornadoes form] from time to time in the cooler months," Meteorologist Jim Andrews said. "There was a severe twister at Taranto a few years back."

According to Andrews, the parent storm dipped southeastward from the North Atlantic Ocean by way of France, Spain and Portugal Monday and Tuesday. The low continued to shift eastward and southward during the rest of the week, triggering localized excessive rainfall in Italy, Tunisia and along the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea.