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WATCH: Powerful Winds Teeter Plane Back and Forth During Landing in Chicago

Powerful winds blowing through the Chicago area on Thursday evening made for some precarious-looking landings at O'Hare International Airport.

Winds were gusting from 30 to 40 miles per hour in the evening hours, making planes teeter back and forth as they neared the runway for landing.

"In the video, the plane tries to come in straight into the wind, but anytime there are strong winds not parallel to the runway, the pilot has to make last-minute adjustments in order to land safely," Expert Forecaster Elliot Abrams said.

"The stronger the wind, and the gustier it is, the trickier it is," Abrams said.

Seventy-five arriving and departing flights were cancelled for O'Hare yesterday, and more than 1,000 delays were reported, according to Flightstats.

This is the second episode in less than a week of wind-related problems in the Chicago area. Powerful winds on Halloween brought mammoth waves to Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, amounting to thousands of dollars in damages.