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Renewed Flood Threat From Italy to Greece

On the heels of days of flooding rainfall, additional rounds of flooding rain are expected across the Mediterranean next week.

In a similar setup to this past week, an area of low pressure will dive south across western Europe which will pull moisture from the Mediterranean Sea, dumping it across areas from southern France to Italy and from Slovenia to Greece.

This past week, rainfall in excess of 175 mm (7 inches) inundated Nice, France. Kotschach, Austria, picked up more than 300 mm (a foot) of rain from Tuesday through Thursday morning. At the same time, 265 mm (10.44 inches) soaked Cevio, Switzerland. Meteorologist Erik Pindrock says, "While this system does not looks a potent as the storm that occurred this past week, it will still bring the potential for additional flooding." He adds "The greatest threat for flooding will occur from northern Italy into Croatia, especially on the southern slopes of the Alps".

In addition to heavy rainfall, over a meter (3 feet) of snow will fall in the Alps, adding to the abundant snowfall that occurred with the most recent storm.

The heaviest of the rain is expected to come in two waves, one on Monday and a second on Wednesday, as another disturbance drops in from the north.

While the flooding threat will be across the northern Mediterranean much of the week, it will hold off until the second half of the week farther south across southern Italy, Albania and Greece.