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AccuWeather LIVE: Cold to Blast Northeast, Warmth to Grip Southwest

On this weekly edition of AccuWeather LIVE, we will have details on the chilly air set to sweep into the Northeast heading into the weekend while much of the Southwest experiences warm conditions.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Justin Povick will offer forecast details around the country, and Molly Cochran will highlight any storm potential.

As a storm approaches the Northeast on Thursday, it will scoop up some of the drenching rain that surged across Texas and the southern Plains. Know exactly when the storms will hit your exact location by using AccuWeather's MinuteCast®. With a minute-by-minute forecast, you'll know exactly when to reach for your umbrella.

Bernie Rayno and Evan Myers will be on hand for their featured By the Numbers segment.

Watch the latest edition of AccuWeather LIVE below:

Stef Davis has a detailed explanation of a unique weather phenomenon known as hoar frost, which will ramp up as winter approaches.

Mark Mancuso and Jim Dickey will highlight the best social commentary after a hole punch cloud was sighted in Australia with a rare twist on it. Created by the right conditions and an airplane's condensation trail, onlookers caught a glimpse of the exceptional sight.

In order to help plan your weekend and prepare for the weekend and any early Veteran's Day plans, Justin Povick will return with a look at the forecast across the country.

Keeping with tradition, Mark Mancuso will feature some of the best fan photos of the week.

For a chance to see your photo or comment on the show or to have your weather questions answered live, be sure to submit them on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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