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Weekly Wrap Up: Record Warmth Shattered by Winterlike Chill, Snow

While many locations in the central U.S. and East saw late summerlike weather this week, a blast of cold air has put an end to the warmth, as snow began to fall in portions of the Midwest Friday.

While heat held in the Plains early in the week, summerlike temperatures continued eastward across the Ohio Valley into the East Coast.

On Monday, record-high temperatures were challenged from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes with record highs being set in places such as Gadsden, Alabama, and Louisville, Kentucky.

On Tuesday, record-challenging warmth continued to the mid-Atlantic states, including in the cities of Pittsburgh, Richmond, Virginia, and Syracuse, New York.

While quiet weather prevailed in the East early in the week, an unmanned, supply rocket destined to the International Space Station exploded upon takeoff at Wallops Island, Virginia, making headlines across the nation.

The warmth did not remain across central and eastern portions of the U.S. as Halloween approached. On Friday, snow began falling across portions of the Midwest.

The winterlike chill will continue through the weekend across the East, including areas from the Appalachians to New England.

Meanwhile, the slow-moving lava from Kilauea threatened evacuations and destroyed roadways in Hawaii throughout the week:

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Hanna formed in warm waters of the western Caribbean, right along the coast of Nicaragua, on Monday morning. Hanna moved into Central America, threatening the area with heavy rain and flooding before it weakened in the middle of the week.

On Thursday, Tropical Storm Vance took shape and will continue to churn over the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Through the weekend, Vance will pose hazards only to shipping interests as it stays well south of mainland Mexico.

That will change next week as the system is expected to turn to the north, then northeast. The Mexican states of southern Baja California Sur, Sinaloa and Jalisco are being put on alert for Vance's potential landfall around Tuesday of next week.

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