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Tropical Storm Nuri to Miss Philippines

Now Tropical Storm Nuri looks to take a drastic northerly turn this weekend, missing the Philippines with most impacts.

A front moving through the East China Sea and Japan for the weekend will pick up the storm churning in the Western Pacific. This will bring a drastic change in Nuri's path. After heading mostly westward over the past week, it will head northward through the Philippine Sea.

The Philippines likely will still get a few showers and thunderstorms through Monday with the passing of the front as well as some outer bands of the storm.

The biggest impact to the islands will be rough surf and rip currents to the eastern shores of the Philippines.

Nuri will continue to strengthen through the weekend, likely becoming a typhoon.

During its northerly track early in the new week, the front moving through Japan could slow down. Any slowing in the eastward progression could bring the tropical system right into the main islands of Japan in time for the second weekend of November. meteorologists will continue to monitor this track through the next week, to see if heavy rain and winds from Nuri could impact Japan.