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Rain, Snow Threat for France and Italy Next Week

Rain hovering over southern France and western Italy will bring flooding problems, with some snow possible in the highest elevations of the Alps next week.

During the weekend, moisture associated with a low pressure area north of the Untied Kingdom will swing into northwestern France. Much of France will get rain on Monday.

The system will remain rather stationary over the Ligurian Sea, the northern portion of the Mediterranean, and will bring periods of heavy rain Tuesday through Wednesday for southeastern France and western Italy, reaching as far inland as southern Switzerland.

Cities of Marseille, Lyon, Nice and Monaco in France can expect substantial rainfall. The heavy rain will also affect cities in western Italy, including Genoa, Turin and Milan.

Rainfall amounts through Wednesday are expected between 50 and 100 mm (2 to 4 inches). Some downpours, however, could bring as much as 150 mm (6 inches) in some areas.

This heavy rain, falling in an area that has been on the drier side recently, will cause flooding to be a likely threat. Enough rain could fall in some places could make landslides possible.

Rain will likely reach farther north into southern parts of Switzerland. However, the higher elevations of the Alps could see precipitation falling as snow.

The rain shifts farther south and east, bringing periods of rain to Rome and Naples later in the week. The system could bring some heavy rain to southern Italy and Greece into the end of the new week.