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Oman, Pakistan, India on Alert for Tropical Cyclone Nilofar

Tropical Cyclone Nilofar developed on Saturday in the middle of the Arabian Sea thanks to favorable environmental conditions.

These conditions will promote further strengthening, and the cyclone is expected to reach the equivalent of a strong tropical storm or hurricane early this week.

Nilofar will continue on a northwest track through Tuesday before taking a turn toward the north and then east-northeast during the middle and latter part of the week. This track will bring the center of the cyclone close to the coast of Oman Wednesday and Thursday.

The potential exists for heavy rain and life-threatening flooding right along the eastern coast of Oman as the center of Nilofar passes just to the east. If Nilofar tracks close enough to Oman, then damaging winds could also impact Oman's coast.

Regardless of how close Nilofar gets to Oman, dangerous rip currents and rough surf will affect the coast through much of the upcoming week.

Beyond Thursday, Nilofar will get steered to the east-northeast across the northern Arabian Sea toward the coasts of southeastern Pakistan and the Indian province Gujarat by the end of the week.

Coastal flooding, damaging winds, and life threatening flooding due to heavy rain will be a concern Friday into Saturday as Nilofar moves inland across southeast Pakistan and or far western India.