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Major Flooding Impacts Thousands Around Athens Greece

A moisture-laden cyclone, partly associated with the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo, moved slowly through Greece on Friday and Saturday bringing significant flooding to portions of Athens.

Tatoi and Eleusis, both northern suburbs of Athens situated in the Attica Region, picked up more than 2.50 inches of rain in a short period of time leading to flooding.

In the Llion area, the Greek Reporter stated that a supermarket parking area was flooded trapping several vehicles.

Numerous other cars and vehicles were swept down streets and piled onto of one another thanks to the ferocious force in which the flood waters traveled.

The cyclone responsible for the flooding has moved away from Athens, however, the threat for a passing shower at times remains in the forecast for the southern Attica Region through at least Wednesday thanks to a lingering disturbance that will meander near the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.