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East Braces For Record-Breaking Heat Early this Week

After many locations over the central U.S. tied or broke their previous record-high temperatures over the weekend, the record-challenging warmth will expand to the East this week.

As heat holds over the southern Plains, warmth will surge northeastward early this week. Summerlike temperatures are in store across the Ohio Valley into the East Coast. More record-breaking high temperatures are possible.

High pressure located over the central U.S. over the weekend will move eastward bringing abundant sunshine and very warm air. Many areas from New England to the mid-Atlantic and Southeast states will record temperatures 10-20 degrees above average.

On Monday, record-high temperatures will be challenged over the Ohio Valley to the South, including, St. Louis, Nashville, Tennessee, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Atlanta.

On Tuesday, record-breaking heat is challenged over the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, including Syracuse, New York, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Remember to stay hydrated when engaging in strenuous outdoor activities, such as exercise or manual labor.

From a safety standpoint, temperatures in automobiles on a sunny, warm day in the autumn can still reach dangerous levels.

Never leave a child or pets in a vehicle, for any length of time as a result.

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014, an infant died after being left in a vehicle in Tucson, Arizona. The high in Tucson on Tuesday was 86 degrees.

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This story was authored by Meteorologist Brett Rathbun.