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Heat Precedes Heavy Storms in Buenos Aires, Asuncion

A hot stretch of weather across central South America will set the stage for flooding rain and severe thunderstorms next week.

Temperatures will gradually rise across Paraguay, far southern Brazil, northern Argentina and Uruguay this weekend through Monday as an area of high pressure east of South America pumps in hot air.

Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; Porto Alegre, Brazil; and Asuncion, Paraguay, are among the communities that will record highs 6-12 degrees C (10-20 degrees F) above normal.

Temperatures will soar as blazing sunshine beats down on central South America.

Relief from the heat will come next week but at the expense of severe weather for some.

"A cold front will cut into the heat around Buenos Aires by Tuesday," stated Meteorologist Rob Miller.

As the front approaches, a shower or thunderstorm will rattle the city and surrounding areas Monday afternoon. While a gusty thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, widespread severe weather is not expected.

That will not be the case when the front strengthens and sweeps through central South America at midweek, threatening to produce severe thunderstorms and flooding rain.

"The current projected timing of the cold front would put Buenos Aires and Montevideo at a greater threat of flooding rain than damaging thunderstorms Tuesday night through Wednesday," Miller stated.

North of Buenos Aires, across northern Argentina and northern Uruguay is where concern is highest for an outbreak of severe weather to erupt Wednesday afternoon and evening.

"Farther to the north around Asuncion, the danger of both flooding and severe thunderstorms exists for Wednesday night and Thursday," added Miller.

All residents of central South America should continue to check back with as the exact timing of the cold front, flooding rain and any severe thunderstorms are finessed.