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VIDEO: Gonzalo's Powerful Winds Reverse Flow of Waterfall in UK

After Hurricane Gonzalo barreled through Bermuda and lost its tropical characteristics, the system pushed across the Atlantic Ocean and disrupted areas throughout the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, wind gusts reached up to 60 mph and were powerful enough to stop a waterfall in its tracks, forcing the gushing water upwards. The wall of wind hit the crest of the Kinder Scout Plateau near Hayfield, where water drops normally from eight stories high.

Pushing upwards, the waterfall reversed due to the incredible force as the storm was at its highest strength.

According to Meteorologist Eric Leister, "Wind gusts of 50-60 mph were common across the area during the height of the storm on Tuesday."

Gonzalo could prove to be one of the worst storms of the year for the area, according to Leister.

"This storm will likely be one of the five or six worst storms of the year for parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland where strong winds cause widespread power outages and disruption to travel," he said.

Gonzalo's remnants continue to stretch across Europe and damage has spread as far as the Balkans where the system could bring significant impacts.