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NOAA Network Issue May Impact Weather Model Forecast Quality

Since Tuesday night, NESDIS, NOAA's satellite and information service, has been experiencing network issues, and has not received a full feed of satellite data for input, a critical component for the numerical models used to forecast the weather.

In a statement , the National Weather Service's National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) said it is investigating the root cause of the issue.

Marshall Moss,'s Vice President of Forecasting and Graphics Operations, said the models rely on satellite data, as well as surface observations and other inputs to figure out the current state of the atmosphere and then project it forward into accurate forecasts.

Without a full component of inputs, the model output could be degraded.

The outage means forecasting abilities would be affected, but to what extent is still unknown, Moss said.

"Anybody that's forecasting is impacted by this," Moss said.