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Drought, Heat Relief For Brazil, Paraguay

October began extremely dry and unseasonably hot across much of eastern Brazil as well as in Paraguay, but changes are on the way.

The core of drought conditions and heat were felt from eastern Paraguay into the Brazil states from Parana to Mato Grosso and Bahia. Just a short distance to the south, across the state of Rio Grande do Sul, rainfall has been well above average and temperatures close to normal.

So far this month, many locations across eastern Brazil and Paraguay saw little to no rainfall with most areas receiving 10 percent or less of normal precipitation. Going back even further, since the start of the summer season (June), much of this same area has seen less than half of their normal rainfall.

As the Southern Hemisphere transitions from winter and into summer, the dry conditions along with increasingly strong solar energy are helping temperatures to rapidly increase well above average.

From the start of October, temperatures across southeastern Brazil have been 3-5 degrees C (about 5-10 degrees F) above average.

Through the end of October, there are signs of change in the weather pattern coming to the region as moisture increases and temperatures lower.

During the beginning of this week, a cold front will gradually make progress northward across southeastern Brazil bringing more seasonable temperatures along with more widespread showers and thunderstorms.

While rainfall will not be heavy enough to end drought conditions, it will help to bring some isolated areas of relief.

Through the rest of October, meteorologists feel that there will be an increased chance for rainfall as tropical moisture increase and a few disturbance help to fuel showers and thunderstorms.

Temperatures will remain closer to average through the end of the month as a result of the increase in moisture and rainfall.