Gonzalo to Deliver Drenching Rain, Strong Wind to Europe

After Hurricane Gonzalo blasts Newfoundland, Canada with damaging wind and potentially flooding rainfall, it will race across the north Atlantic Ocean soon targeting the United Kingdom and central Europe early this coming week.

On Friday and Friday night, Gonzalo passed directly over Bermuda as a Category 2 hurricane bringing wind gusts over 160 kph (100 mph) to the island.

While crossing the north Atlantic Sunday into Monday, Gonzalo will officially transition from a hurricane to a post-tropical cyclone. AccuWeather.com meteorologists warn that even though Gonzalo will no longer be classified as a hurricane or tropical storm, impacts will be similar.

Monday evening into Monday night conditions will rapidly deteriorate across Ireland as strong gale- to storm-force wind gusts, 80-100 kph (50-60 mph), blast across the country. The best chance for storm force wind and the odd gust approaching hurricane force, 120 kph (74 mph), will occur in northern Ireland and along the coast of northern Ireland Monday night.


AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Tyler Roys states, "Wind this strong will likely be high enough to bring sporadic power outages along with isolated tree and structural damage." He goes on to say that similar conditions are expected to move into the United Kingdom on later Monday night and into Tuesday as Gonzalo heads into the North Sea.

The most severe wind in the UK will whip across the Irish Sea, including the Isle of Man and into the northwestern coast of England. Across much of Wales and England, including in Liverpool and London, wind gusts will be near 100 kph (60 mph) causing wind damage and power outages.

While damaging wind gusts will be the primary threat across Ireland and the United Kingdom, a period of heavy rain will sweep across the region as well. A 6-10 hour period of rain will provide 15-40 mm (0.50-1.50 inches) of rain. While this can lead to water pooling in low lying and poor drainage areas, flooding is not expected to be a widespread concern.

During Tuesday afternoon, as the old circulation from Gonzalo dives to the south into central Europe, wind gusts will increase across France, Belgium, the Netherlands and western Germany. Damaging wind gusts in excess of 80 kph (50 mph) are expected in these areas threatening Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium with power outages.

Moisture from Gonzalo is also expected to bring the first significant snowfall of the season to the high elevations in the Alps. Strong wind will likely lead to blizzard conditions above 1,750 meters (5,500 feet).