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Mild Air to Surge Into Paris, Berlin, Warsaw This Weekend

Most of western and central Europe will be treated to a surge of milder air this weekend before Gonzalo potentially blasts through next week.

A building ridge of high pressure will pour milder air across western Europe on Saturday with the warmth spreading to central Europe on Sunday.

Temperatures are set to rise 6 to 9 degrees C (10 to 15 degrees F) above normal in Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

London will be on the northern fringe of Saturday's warmth as the jet stream will extend from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia. A shower or two will also dampen London, while steadier rain spreads into southern Scandinavia.

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As the warmth builds across western Europe, another chilly day will unfold throughout eastern Europe (including Moscow) on Saturday. Temperatures will be held 6 to 12 degrees C (10 to 20 degrees F) below normal.

The surge of milder air will expand to central Europe on Sunday as the ridge continues to build. Sunday will feel more like a September day in Berlin, Germany, and Warsaw, Poland.

Skies no worse than partly sunny will give residents and visitors in western and central Europe ample opportunity to spend a part of the mild weekend outdoors.

Fans of warmer weather should take full advantage of the mild air since it will be erased early next week as a cold front drops down from the north. meteorologists are also closely monitoring Hurricane Gonzalo for future impacts on Europe, which is likely to be its final destination. While Gonzalo will lose its tropical characteristics by the time it reaches Europe, it may still blast onshore as a potent storm next week.

"There is the potential for Gonzalo to race from the United Kingdom to the vicinity of Italy with wind and rain during the Tuesday and Wednesday time frame," stated Meteorologist Tyler Roys.