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First Snow Since Spring Falls on Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway, had an early taste of winter on Thursday as snow returned.

Snow began mixing with rain early Thursday morning in Oslo and continued to do so through early Friday morning.

With temperatures at or slightly above freezing, it was a wet snow that fell.

Views and News from Norway reported that snow covered the ground in the hills around Oslo Thursday morning, while the four-lane E6 highway between Oslo and Moss turned white.

Thursday marked Oslo's first occurrence of snow since early May and the city's coldest day since early April. Temperatures were held to only 2.3 C (36 F).

"The combination of a slow-moving storm system and cold air pulled in on the backside of another storm that brought snow to Moscow on Thursday led to the snow in Oslo," stated Meteorologist Tyler Roys.

Children and residents should not get ready to spend the weekend making snowmen or shoveling driveways.

Temperatures will be on the rebound through the weekend, returning back to the lower teens C (lower 50s) on Sunday.

Periods of rain will dampen the city on Saturday, followed by spotty rain showers on Sunday.

"The next chance for snow in Oslo and surrounding areas will be on Tuesday, especially for places north and west of the city," Roys added.