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Rain, Thunderstorms to Sweep Across the East

A low pressure system spinning over the Great Lakes will spread a swath of rain and thunderstorms over part of the East on Wednesday before shifting over New England on Thursday.

The heaviest rain is expected to fall over a zone stretching from the eastern Carolinas to New York with some rain and showers lingering over the Midwest and Tennessee Valley.

People over these regions may want to grab their umbrellas and raincoats before heading out the door as the wet weather sets the theme for the middle of the week.

While some gusty winds may accompany the heavier thunderstorms, the more widespread threat is expected to be torrential downpours.

Motorists should exercise caution when driving though these downpours as they can reduce visibility and increase the potential of hydroplaning.

Those at the airports may find themselves spending some extra time on the tarmac as blinding downpours may force temporary ground stoppages at airports across the region.

Despite a wet Wednesday, the heaviest rain is forecast to hold off until Thursday when the rain moves over New England.

In addition to travel delays, Thursday's rain will also lead to incidents of flash flooding, especially in areas where trees have already shed their leaves.

Loose leaves on the ground can be easily swept up and carried away and eventually flow into streams and storm drains.

"The rain can overwhelm storm drains, especially those blocked with fallen leaves," said Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

This wet weather pattern is not expected to stick around for long as dry conditions return to a majority of the East for Friday.

Not all of the East will be dry to close out the week; however, as clouds and showers linger over northern New England.