DC: Late-Week Drying Trend Replaces Midweek Soaker

Washington, D.C., will gradually dry out through Friday after the midweek soaking.

Wednesday's drenching rain will center on New England on Thursday, but that does not mean that residents and visitors to the nation's capital can leave their umbrellas at home.

With the stubborn storm system still overhead, clouds will once again win out over sunshine as a shower or two passes through during the afternoon.

The showers will be spotty and brief, causing only minor inconveniences to outdoor plans.

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Friday, the storm will finally leave, allowing some sunshine and dry weather to return as temperatures rise into the lower 70s.

It will be a great day to get outside for a walk, run or a meal with friends or family. Those with sporting events or travel plans will not have to worry about weather-related disruptions.

The dry weather will hold through the weekend despite the passage of a cold front. However, brisk northwesterly winds will usher cooler air in on Sunday.