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Hudhud Slams India with Heavy Rain, Fierce Winds

Tropical Cyclone Hudhud, only the second named cyclone of the northern Indian Ocean this season, brought devastation to India over the weekend.

The powerful cyclone moved onshore Sunday morning near Visakhapatnam, one of the largest cities on India's eastern coast.

Through Sunday evening local time, Vishakhapatnam has been drenched with over 150 mm (6 inches) of rainfall.

The heavy rain has led to flooding across portions of eastern India and more flooding is expected as Hudhud traverses through India into early this week.

While coming onshore, Hudhud brought wind speeds of 195 kilometers per hour (120 mph). Many trees were unable to withstand the power of the cyclone and were brought down in the storm's wrath. Power has been cut to thousands of people across the region.

"At least 400,000 people were evacuated from the coastal areas of the Andhra Pradesh and Orissa states ahead of the storm," cited the Associated Press. Andhra Pradesh is home to over 14 million people.

Unfortunately, the cyclone is responsible for sixth deaths so far.

"At least three people have been killed in Andhra Pradesh and three in Orissa," stated the BBC.

Hudhud will continue a destructive path through India into the early week, spreading more drenching rainfall and producing gusty winds. The threat for dangerous flooding will continue.

"High pressure will steer Hudhud to the northwest and then north across central India over the coming days," said Meteorologist Erik Pindrock.

Several Pradeshes will be impacted by Hudhud as it churns over land. In additon to Andhra, Chhattisgarh, Madhya, Jharkhand, Uttar, and Bihar will all see rain and wind from the system.

"Winds will begin to die down into early this week as Hudhud begins to weaken," added Pindrock. "However, the threat for flooding will remain as moisture travels across India to Nepal."

"Dangerous flooding and mudslides could target northern India and Nepal by midweek as moisture soaks mountainous areas," said Pindrock.

The tropics have been rather active across the world the past few days. Typhoon Vongfong lashed Okinawa with heavy rainfall and powerful winds and is on path to strike mainland Japan.

Meanwhile, Fay brushed by Bermuda Saturday night, bringing torrential rain and strong winds to the island. Another disturbance is in the works in the Atlantic Basin.