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Frost to Highlight Sunday Morning in Northeast as Temperatures Dip

High pressure overhead will bring about clear skies and rather chilly temperatures early on Sunday morning across the Northeast.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the low- to mid-30s for many, making for a frosty start to the morning.

Folks with potted plants that are outdoors will want to cover them or bring them inside to prevent damage.

The growing season has already come to an end in many locations across northern New England as nights have already dipped below freezing.

However, some areas farther south into southern New York and northern Pennsylvania may experience their first subfreezing night as temperatures are forecast to dip into the upper 20s to lower 30s.

Below-average temperatures will make it into the I-95 cities including New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, but lows will remain in the 40s.

Despite the cold killing plants and crops, there are some benefits to the chilly air.

Those suffering from ragweed allergies will find the cold air to be rather beneficial as the low temperatures typically damage and kill the plants.

Another cold night is expected across New England on Sunday night, but warmer temperatures will be on their way into the Northeast. As the weekend comes to an end, overnight lows will only bottom out in the lower 40s across western New York and all of Pennsylvania.

Looking ahead into early next week, a potent storm system across the Mississippi Valley will usher in warmer air into the Northeast which will keep overnight lows well above freezing.

Daytime highs will return back into the upper 60s and lower 70s for much of the region.