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Strong Earthquake Sparks Minor Tsunami in Chile

An earthquake southwest of Easter Island prompted evacuations and created a minor tsunami reaching more than 3,000 kilometers (2,000 miles).

The earthquake was Wednesday night, around 10:14 p.m. GMT, measured as a 7.1 on the Richter Scale, according to the US Geological Survey. The epicenter of this earthquake was about 565 kilometers (351 miles) southwest from Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Authorities told Global Post that officials evacuated around 350 people on Easter Island in lower-lying areas.

The Hydrographic and Oceanic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) declared a "state of caution" for areas along the coast of Chile but did not expect a major event.

The minor tsunami that reached the Chilean coastline early on Thursday morning was measured at 0.47 of a meter (1.54 feet), making little difference to the shoreline.

To reach places on the west coast of Chile, like Lebu and Chonchi, the wave had to travel more than 3,380 kilomters (2,100 miles).