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Developing Cyclone to Threaten India Later This Week

While most of the action has been in the Pacific Ocean this year, an area of low pressure near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is poised to organize into just the third tropical system of the year in the Bay of Bengal.

Neither of the previous tropical systems strengthened beyond tropical depression status.

This would also be the first organized tropical system in the Bay of Bengal since the middle of May.

Showers and thunderstorms have already drenched southern Thailand with 50-100 millimeters (2-4 inches) of rain while the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have received more than 350 millimeters (14 inches) of rain since late last week.

This developing cyclone is expected to achieve strengthen to the equivalent of a tropical storm then a hurricane, which would result in it becoming only the second named cyclone of the northern Indian Ocean season. The name Hudhud would be given to the storm once it achieves this strength.

Earlier this year, Tropical Cyclone Nanauk developed west of India in the Arabian Sea. Nanauk dissipated before ever making landfall. meteorologists believe that this developing cyclone will track west-northwest across the Bay of Bengal in an environment that will allow the storm to strengthen into the strongest cyclone of the year in the northern Indian Ocean.

Areas from Kakinada in northern Andhra Pradesh northward to Ratanpur in Odisha should closely monitor this potential cyclone for possible impacts as early as Friday or Saturday. Flooding rain and damaging winds will be possible.