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Storms to Shift from Cincinnati to NYC, Boston

A batch of showers and thunderstorms will bring the threat of severe weather to the Ohio Valley and the Northeast through Tuesday night.

It does not appear like there will be a major severe weather outbreak, although storms into early Wednesday morning may still be strong enough to cause travel delays and damage to property.

The first of the heavy storms are forecast to develop over the Ohio Valley on Tuesday afternoon with hail being the most widespread danger.

The biggest impacts are expected to occur on Tuesday night as the thunderstorms organize themselves into a line and track across the Northeast.

The danger will shift from hail to damaging winds as these storms barrel eastward with winds that could occasionally gust past 65 mph.

Winds this strong can bring down large tree limbs, power lines and blow around lawn furniture.

As a result, power outages may occur in communities along the I-95 corridor as the storms shift from Maryland and eastern Pennsylvania early on Tuesday night to Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire by early on Wednesday morning.

The timing of these storms will depict the level of impact that they will have on different parts of the I-95 corridor.

While the storms are expected to clear out of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. by early Wednesday morning, they may just be moving into Boston around the time of the morning commute. MinuteCastâ„¢ has the minute-by-minute forecast for your exact location so you will know when the thunderstorms will move into your area. Type your city name, select MinuteCastâ„¢, and input your street address. On mobile, you can also use your GPS location.

Dry and breezy conditions will move over the Northeast on Wednesday in the wake of the thunderstorms.

These dry conditions are not expected to last through the rest of the week as a disturbance in the Plains begins to move into the Plains.

This disturbance will spread rain into the Ohio Valley on Thursday before reaching the mid-Atlantic on Friday.