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Wind-Swept Rain to Cross Britain Monday

After the first in a pair of cold fronts brought rain across the United Kingdom on Saturday, a second, more powerful front will bring wind and rain on Monday.

On Monday morning, the cold front will sweep across the Irish Sea towards Scotland, Wales and western England. Along the front, a several hour period of rain and strong winds are expected.

Along the western coasts of England and Wales, wind gusts are expected to near 80 kph (50 mph) as the front approaches and crosses the area. In the Scottish Isles, wind gusts could near 100 kph (65 mph). meteorologist Tyler Roys comments that "wind of this speed can bring down tree branched causing sporadic power cuts".

The strongest wind in advance of this front will blow from the south to southeast. When the front passes, wind will diminish and turn from the west to southwest.

A few cities with the threat for locally damaging wind gusts will be Glasgow, Scotland, Liverpool, England and Bangor, Wales.

To accompany the wind there will be a several hour period of rain which could be heavy at times. As much as 12 mm (0.50 inch) of rain expected.

As the front continues to push eastward across Scotland and England through the day it will lose some of its strength as wind gusts will be 50-65 kph (30-40 mph) across southeastern England. This includes London.

The threat for heavy rain will also be lower in these areas.

During the middle of the week, the low pressure system that brought the cold front across Great Britain will stall to the west of Ireland leading to the continuation of showery and bluster weather.

Meteorologist Eric Leister contributed to this story.