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First Snowflakes of Autumn to Fall on Midwest

As chilly air pours in across the Midwest this weekend, the air will get cold enough in some locations to allow some snow to mix in.

The coldest air since last spring will blast into the Midwest late this week and during the weekend.

While temperatures nearest to the ground dip into the 30s over the Upper Midwest, the air aloft will plunge to temperatures well below freezing and will be plenty cold enough to support some snow.

Areas most likely to experience some wet snow mixing in with rain showers extends from northern and eastern Minnesota to northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and an area over the northern interior of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Cities that may receive some snow include Marquette, Michigan; Eau Claire and Rhinelander, Wisconsin; and Minneapolis and International Falls, Minnesota.

Most of the snowflakes will mix in during the late-day, nighttime and morning hours, but there can be some exceptions.

While most locations in this swath are not likely to have an accumulation, the snowiest spots could pick up an inch or two on non-paved surfaces. Some untreated, elevated surfaces, such as bridges could get slippery at night as temperatures fall.

Farther to the east, some of the highest elevations in West Virginia and western Maryland may receive some wet snow Saturday evening. The snow will generally fall at elevations above 2,500 feet.

However, the air over much of the Northeast will not get cold enough for snow.