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Avalanche in Chile Kills Two Extreme Skiers

Two extreme skiers have been found dead in the wake of an avalanche in southern Chile.

The bodies of Jean-Philippe Auclair of Canada and Carl Andreas Fransson of Sweden were found on Tuesday after they went missing following an avalanche on San Lorenzo mountain earlier in the day, stated the Associated Press.

With an elevation of 3,600 meters (11,800 feet), San Lorenzo mountain is located in southern Chile near the country's border with Argentina.

The Associated Press reports that Auclair and Fransson were hiking the mountain with two other tourists from Sweden, both of whom survived the avalanche.

An area of high pressure, which is known for producing calm weather, may have contributed to the avalanche.

"High pressure in place across southern Chile the past several days promoted sunshine and caused the area to turn relatively milder," stated Meteorologist Rob Miller.

"The resultant melting during the day, followed by refreezing at night could have created the unstable conditions on the mountain."

Similar conditions will persist through the first part of the weekend, keeping the avalanche danger elevated.

The high will give way to rain and mountain snow on Sunday as a cold front moves into southern Chile, Miller continued.

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