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VIDEO: Crowd Scrambles to Safety in Turkey as Ferocious Storm Unleashes Wall of Rain, Wind

A fast-moving storm system passed from central Europe southeastward into Turkey last week unleashing stormy weather along the way.

Localized flooding was reported from Germany through Balkan Peninsula through Friday before the unsettled weather targeted Turkey over the weekend. Meteorologist Tyler Roys commented, "As the storm system tracked over Turkey, it was able to tap into a warm, moist air mass from the Mediterranean Sea, fueling powerful storms that caused damage in southeastern Turkey."

Wind gusts in Adana were reported to have reached 65 kph (40 mph); however, localized gusts, such as the one seen in the above video, were likely in excess of 96 kph (60 mph).

Torrential rainfall caused localized flooding from the storms. Rainfall averaged 25-50 millimeters (1-2 inches) around Adana, with more than 100 millimeters (4 inches) falling in the southeast Turkey city of Osmaniye.

High pressure will bring dry and calm weather to the region for the rest of the week.