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Next Severe Weather Threat to Aim for Kansas City, St. Louis

Locally damaging thunderstorms may travel across a thousand-mile stretch as a new storm system pushes across the Central states Wednesday through Friday.

After the last gasp from an old storm over the Dakotas produces severe weather Tuesday evening, a new storm system will emerge from the Rockies and swing northeastward during the middle and second half of the week.

The risk of locally gusty thunderstorms on Wednesday will extend from part of northwest Texas to Iowa. The greatest risk of damaging thunderstorms with hail and strong winds will exist across central and eastern Kansas, southeastern Nebraska and southern Iowa.

The storm threat includes the major Plains cities of Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Wichita and Topeka, Kansas.

According to AccuWeather Severe Storm Meteorologist Eddie Walker, "There is a chance of rotating thunderstorms capable of producing a few tornadoes from central and eastern Kansas to southeastern Nebraska during Wednesday."

In addition to the damaging storm threat, there is the risk of flash flooding as far north as parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin during Wednesday into Wednesday night.

During Thursday, the risk of heavy, gusty thunderstorms and incidents of flash flooding will extend from parts of central Texas to northern Illinois. The storms will fire along the storm's advancing cold front.

The greatest risk of thunderstorms with damaging winds is projected to extend from northeastern Texas to central Illinois and southwestern Indiana.

Locally damaging storms on Thursday may impact the cities of Little Rock, Arkansas; Springfield, Missouri; Champaign, Illinois; Terre Haute, Indiana; and St. Louis.

While storms may not be severe in Chicago, locally drenching rain and gusty winds can cause travel delays, including at O'Hare Airport.

On Friday, the cold front will continue to advance to the east and south, and so will the risk of thunderstorms and isolated severe weather.

Showers and thunderstorms will extend from coastal Texas to the Appalachians and southern Ontario during Friday.

The greatest risk of locally strong thunderstorms with drenching rain and gusty winds will extend from western upstate New York to northwestern Georgia and northern Alabama. The storm risk on Friday includes the eastern part of the Ohio Valley.