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VIDEO: Destructive Storms Rip Off Section of Phoenix Airport Roof, Halt Flights

Powerful storms swept through the Southwest over the weekend, ravaging local infrastructures with destructive winds and slashing rain.

At Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, more than 40 flights had to be diverted to other airports due to unsafe landing conditions as winds howled up to 67 mph at the site on Sept. 27.

The same winds tore apart the airport's roof, littering debris over parts of the tarmac.

According to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, the rattling thunderstorms were created due to a low pressure system that pulled in monsoonal moisture. As the system encroached toward the area, wind shear was strengthening, resulting in a severe weather outbreak.

"The storms that moved through the Southwest through Saturday were caused by an unseasonably strong storm that moved into central California," said Ken Clark, AccuWeather expert senior meteorologist.

Though the storms moved at a quick pace, a trail of widespread damage was left behind. Multiple trees were downed, utility poles crashed onto roadways and winds peeled roofing off of several local buildings.

Post by Che' Jones.
One traveler captured footage as the ferocious winds and heavy rain pummeled the airport, moving heavy objects within a parking lot. (Video/Che' Jones)