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October Air to Follow Summerlike Weekend in Northeast

Cooler air will settle into much of the Northeast for a time next week, but a dramatic fall-like temperature change is not in the offing just yet.

The cooler weather will follow a weekend packed with plenty of warm afternoon sunshine, that may make it feel more like summertime for a few hours.

A slight air mass change will take place during next week. When combined with clouds from a Southern rainstorm, it may feel considerably cooler during the afternoons when compared to this past weekend.

Where clouds are accompanied by rain during part of next week, RealFeel® temperatures may be in the 50s much of the day.

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The track of the rainstorm is still uncertain. The storm will soak areas in the South Sunday into Monday. However, the system will only likely track into part of the central Appalachians before turning eastward. There is a chance the storm lunges northward at the last minute upon nearing the Atlantic coast.

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While temperatures are forecast to dip a bit next week in the Northeast, temperatures may only drop to average levels for the date. For example, the average high for the middle of next week in New York City is 70 F with a low of 55 F.

The slightly cooler air sneaking in next week will not mark a lasting trend. The overall warmth with brief cool cycles of temperatures will continue in the Northeast through at least the middle of October.

During October, on average, temperatures trend downward by a degree every two to three days. As a result, a 70-degree high may be average for early in October, but nearly 10 degrees above average by the third week of the October.

According to AccuWeather Long-Range Expert Paul Pastelok, "The transition away from above-average temperatures in the Northeast may not occur until the fourth week of October."