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Time-Lapse Video: Dark, Ominous Clouds Sweep Into Sydney as Strong Storms Hit

Thunderstorms rattled Sydney, Australia, and surrounding areas on Thursday, bringing locally severe weather and leading to ominous dark clouds over the city.

A few thunderstorms moved through the Sydney area throughout the day. Many people were likely sheltering themselves from the obvious storm approaching the area, as dark clouds move in.

However, some sailors were brave enough to remain in their boats as the ominous storm approached.

Post by Scott Ward.

Most of these thunderstorms were not severe, but some did produce gusty winds and hail.

Hail was reported with the storm that moved through Bondi, a suburb of Sydney, on Thursday.

A few spotty showers continue to linger into Thursday night, but dry weather will return for the weekend with sunshine and temperatures rising above average into the 70s F.