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PHOTOS: Fiery Chicagohenge Sunset Illuminates City Skyline

The celestial spectacle Chicagohenge lit up the sky on Monday, allowing photogs in the Chicago area a quick opportunity to capture a perfectly aligned sunset.

The event - a spinoff of Manhattanhenge - occurs when the sun aligns with the city's street grid, allowing the rising sun (in the winter) and setting sun (in the summer) to rise and fall, respectively, with an unobstructed city view.

Like Manhattanhenge, Chicagohenge occurs twice in the winter and twice in the summer each year.

The name is derived from England's Stonehenge, a prehistoric structure that displays a similar occurrence once a year when the sun rises in perfect alignment with the stones.

Residents of Chitown who missed the event will have to wait until winter for the next opportunity.

(Instagram Photo/Riffster)

(Photo/Nick Ulivieri)

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