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PHOTOS: Roll Cloud Sprawls Across Morning Sky in Venice, Florida

Onlookers snapped dramatic photos of a roll cloud moving over Venice, Florida, on Tuesday morning.

"A roll cloud is a type of arcus cloud, which is formed as cool air from a thunderstorm spreads out, forcing warm, moist air to rise in front of it, condensing into a cloud," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jesse Ferrell said.

Roll clouds are fairly rare, Ferrell said; however, since thunderstorms form frequently over Florida, roll clouds and shelf clouds (another type of arcus cloud) are not unheard of.

A disturbance from the Gulf of Mexico pushed across Florida on Monday and Monday night, igniting locally heavy showers and thunderstorms across the state. As the system pushes up the Atlantic Seaboard, rain will be unleashed along the East Coast and the Interstate-95 corridor.