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WATCH: Gusty Winds Uproot Tree, Obliterate Car on San Diego Highway

As intense thunderstorms rattled over the San Diego area last week, one driver narrowly escaped being struck by a tree that smashed his vehicle.

The tree just barely missed the driver, Daniel Wu, but his car was crushed by the force while he drove along Route 163 south of Interstate 8 on Sept. 16. Wind gusts upwards of 50 mph were reported in the area by trained National Weather Service spotters.

Enhanced by Odile, the hurricane that caused devastation to parts of Mexico and along the Southwestern U.S., the storms pushed into San Diego and resulted in widespread damage.

According to AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark, "The circulation around Odile brought up considerable tropical moisture."

That moisture was then converted into heavy, robust thunderstorms.

"With abundant moisture available and strong daytime heating, thunderstorms that developed and then moved across San Diego were able to produce strong downdrafts causing damaging wind gusts and also caused very heavy rain for a short period of time," Clark said.

No injuries were reported with the crash, though the highway had to be closed while officials cleared the damage.