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Heavy Storms to Expand From New Mexico to Colorado

Heavy, gusty thunderstorms will affect parts of the central and southern Rockies to the High Plains and western Texas into Monday night.

The storms will bring isolated incidents of flash flooding and wind gusts to 60 mph.

Locally blinding downpours and excessive runoff can slow travel along Interstate-25, I-40 and I-70.

Cities that can be hit by storms and locally heavy rain into Monday night include El Paso, Texas; Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado.

The stormy pattern is being caused by a disturbance moving eastward from the Rockies, air flowing uphill from the lower Plains and tropical moisture, in part leftover from Odile.

According to AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Sarah Glenn, "Unfortunately, storms are forecast to continue across flood-stricken areas of southeastern New Mexico and western portions of Texas, with the most substantial additional rainfall, 1-3 inches, across areas such as El Paso, Roswell and Carlsbad into Monday night."

"Rainfall amounts of anywhere from 6-14 inches across the Pecos River Watershed has continued to cause widespread flooding, leading to evacuations in Pecos, Texas."

While Odile has delivered both flooding rainfall and drought relief to parts Texas and the Southwest, there have been some areas that were largely missed by downpours in recent days.

Some areas are still running a rainfall deficit, including southeastern Colorado. The rainfall into Tuesday will benefit part of this area. Portions of Wyoming which are in need of rain will be on the receiving end of showers and thunderstorms into Monday evening.

As the disturbance moves along on Tuesday, it will push the zone of downpours and thunderstorms farther to the south and east.

Locally drenching rain for a time on Tuesday will extend from near Omaha, Nebraska, to Dodge City Kansas and El Paso and Amarillo, Texas. Areas from the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles to southeastern New Mexico will run the risk of isolated flash flooding on Tuesday.