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Warmth to Build Across the Northeast

Autumn officially starts at 10:49 p.m. EDT on Monday, and although cooler weather will kick off the new season, temperatures will slowly rise across the Northeast throughout the week.

Temperatures will climb by a few degrees each day through Friday with highs over much the region in the 70s, and even some locations flirting with the 80-degree mark.

While this warmup will not bring record-challenging temperatures, it will provide more favorable conditions for those who are late at closing their pools or wanting to get an outdoor project accomplished at their house before the upcoming winter months.

Dry conditions are expected to accompany this warmup with little to no rain in the forecast over the region all the way through the upcoming weekend.

Hikers and sightseers heading into the mountains of New England may find this weather to be favorable for viewing the early season fall foliage.

Those planning on hiking in the mountains may still want to pack a coat or sweatshirt as temperatures at the top of the mountains can be as much as 30 degrees lower than at the mountain base.

This includes Mount Washington in New Hampshire and Mount Mansfield in Vermont.

Typically, the peak season for fall foliage in the mountains of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northern New York occurs during late September or early October.

This trend of warmer weather will not be limited to only the Northeast.

Above-normal temperatures are also forecast across the Midwest and northern Plains through much of this week with highs in some places in the Plains potentially reaching 90 F during the second half of the week.

Early indications suggest that this weather pattern may persist all the way into the first days of October before cooler, more fall-like conditions make a return to the Northeast.

This is good news for people who are still tending to their home gardens and are looking to avoid a hard freeze, which typically signifies the end of the growing season. The extended period of dry weather is also good for farmers for cutting and drying hay.