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South Korea, Japan on Alert for Heavy Rain From Fung-wong

After threatening Taiwan and China with flooding rainfall and strong winds, Fung-wong will spread heavy rainfall across South Korea and Japan next week.

While meteorologists no longer expect Fung-wong to be a tropical system when it moves across South Korea and Japan, it will still bring with it the threat for heavy, potentially flooding rainfall.

After making landfall in China on Monday, a cold front will cause Fung-wong to accelerate to the northeast which will spread heavy rain across South Korea and Kyushu Island, Japan on Tuesday night. On Wednesday and Wednesday night, rain will spread northeastward across Shikoku and Honshu.

In excess of 75 mm (3 inches) of rain will fall in some locations which will lead to the threat for flooding. The greatest threat for widespread, heavy rain appears to be across South Korea and Kyushu, though areas farther to the north and east could see heavy rainfall as well.

While there will be a gusty wind across the region, damaging wind is not expected to be a concern.

By Thursday, the remains of Fung-wong will move to the east of Japan and conditions will begin to improve, though showers will likely remain.