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PHOTOS: Storms Disrupt College Football Games

Heavy, gusty thunderstorms moving across the Upper Midwest on Saturday brought heavy downpours, frequent lighting strikes, strong winds and hail.

The storms also forced the delays of at least three college football games (Minnesota-San Jose State, Illinois-Texas and Michigan-Utah) due to lightning in the area.

Fans were evacuated from the seating areas due to safety reasons, but were allowed to return once the threat had passed.

The game between Michigan and Utah suffered the longest delay, as play was suspended for two hours and 24 minutes, with 7:51 remaining in the fourth quarter. Illinois and Texas State were delayed for an hour and 57 minutes, while Minnesota and San Diego State was delayed for just over an hour. Meteorologist Erik Pindrock said the threat for storms will likely wane before midnight, with the strongest storms moving across southern Ontario.