Watch 'AccuWeather LIVE' Now: Odile Slams Baja California, Damages Resorts as a Chill Sweeps Across the Upper US

On this weekly edition of AccuWeather LIVE, we take a look at Odile's damaging impacts in Mexico as well as into the U.S. Meanwhile, there will also be details about the expected cooler weather into late in the week for the Northeast and Midwest as summer's end draws near.

Justin Povick will take you through the latest forecast updates and details about the cold air mass headed into the U.S. Molly Cochran will highlight the recent damage left in Odile's wake.

Watch the latest edition of AccuWeather LIVE below:

Stef Davis is on hand to explore one adventurer's trip inside an active volcano with video of the terrifying feat.

Our show's host, Meteorologist Mark Mancuso, will present the spectacular, dazzling photos captured during the recent northern lights and what our fans had to share about the illuminating event.

In a special presentation, the impressive efforts made by Penn State University students in order to reach the moon will be featured.

Justin Povick will be back with the weekend outlook for those hoping to prepare for any plans or spend outdoor time at any sporting events across the country. He'll also have information on current tropical activity.

Host Mark Mancuso will be back to feature some of the best fan photos of the week.

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