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Streets Turn Into Rivers as Odile Soaks Southwest

Raging water swept through city streets across the Southwest on Wednesday as moisture from Odile fueled flooding showers and thunderstorms.

Lives and property were threatened as water levels approached the doorsteps of some residences.

Although Odile is a remnant tropical low now, abundant moisture continues to accompany it as it moves through Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas.

El Paso, Texas, was one of the cities hit the hardest Wednesday night. A line of heavy thunderstorms blasted through around 9 p.m., delivering 1.81 inches of rain in an hour.

With the skies opening up, it did not take too long before several feet of water accompanied cars in the city streets. Many roads were shut down across the city, including a section of I-10 where cars were brought to a standstill.

Several water rescues were needed as water swept cars away. East El Paso was hit hard as five cars needed assistance, reported fire department officials.

Nogales, Arizona, was the site of extensive flooding Wednesday night. The heavy rainfall was too much to handle for streams and rivers in the area. Resident evacuations occurred as water spilled out into streets and yards.

The Nogales airport received 2.42 inches of rain on Wednesday, exceeding the amount typically seen in the whole month of September, which is 1.60 inches.

Odile's rainfall broke records in some places. Douglas, Arizona, broke their daily maximum rainfall record on Wednesday. They received 1.27 inches, breaking the old record of 0.71 inches set back in 1971.

Rainfall totals on Wednesday across southern Arizona to western Texas generally spanned 2 to 4 inches, with the largest amounts occurring in the higher elevations.

Additional heavy rain will continue for these areas into Friday before Odile departs. Folks will want to be on alert for more flooding through this time period.

The flood risk will continue to spread across New Mexico and eventually into the Plains through the weekend.

The eastern Pacific, where Odile was born, continues to remain active. Hurricane Polo continues to churn off offshore of southwestern Mexico and will affect Baja California.