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Los Angeles: Odile to Slice Through Heat by Late Week, Stir Rough Surf

After a period of very warm and record-tying temperatures, highs are expected to become fairly typical by week's end in Los Angeles.

"It's going to get gradually better as we get through the rest of the week," said Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark.

After beginning the week in the upper 90s, highs will drop to the low 80s by Friday. Normal high temperatures for this time of year in the Los Angeles region are in the low 80s.

The same system that's pushing Tropical Rainstorm Odile's moisture towards Arizona and Texas will help bring the cooler weather to Southern California. However, the moisture from Odile will stay primarily to the south and east.

"It won't get much farther north than probably San Diego County, up into the eastern mountains of Southern California," Clark said.

Rough surf and rip currents from Odile are a threat for Southern California beaches, but Clark said due to Odile's position in the Pacific, the surf conditions won't be as bad as they were with Hurricane Marie which produced waves up to 25 feet.

South-facing beaches, especially across Orange and San Diego counties and even Los Angeles, are going to endure surf with breakers of 4-6 feet in height along with high rip current risk, Clark added.