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VIDEO: Ominous Waterspout Looms Along Florida Shoreline

A whirlwind of water was spotted near Navarre, Florida, early Tuesday morning as storms moved through the region. Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said a frontal boundary stalled in the region, creating the conditions necessary to spawn waterspouts.

Thunderstorms pushed across the panhandle through the day, but storms are not essential to create rotating whirlwinds of water, he added.

(Video/ Facebook User: Doug Larkin)

"There is less friction over water than land," he said.

As wind blasts the coast, it bounces back out to sea creating a counterclockwise rotation that can cause waterspouts.

In other circumstances, thunderstorms with rotation can also spawn waterspouts.

Waterspouts tend to break up quickly when they hit the shoreline, but some are stronger and can cause damage on the coast as the vortex moves inland.