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Chicago: Week to End Wet, Cool

Rain is forecast to move into the Chicago area for Friday, making residents and visitors reach for their umbrellas and raincoats.

Friday's high temperature will struggle to surpass the 60-degree mark, making it feel more like mid-October.

A heavy, steady rain is not expected for the city, but Friday's rain will still be enough to dampen any outdoor activities, including the White Sox's home game Friday night.

Those headed to the ballpark for the game should not only expect some rain, but also temperatures that will drop through the 40s.

Drier weather is expected to make a return to Chicagoland for the weekend, although the cool conditions will remain.

Highs on Saturday will be limited to the lower 60, followed by highs on Sunday in the middle 60s.

Overnight lows are also forecast to dip down into the upper 40s each night.

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, temperatures will continue to rise toward 70 F.

A shower may return to the city for Monday followed by dry conditions for Tuesday and Wednesday.