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Sluggish Storm to Drench Poland, Germany, Austria

A prolonged period of wet weather from the northern Balkans to Poland and even parts of Germany may lead to flooding later this week.

The weather pattern across Europe has slowed to a crawl, and this sluggish situation will allow a storm system to stay stuck over the central part of the continent later this week and into the weekend.

Rounds of showers and heavier slugs of rain should swing from south to north starting across northern Italy and the northern Balkans before drenching Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and southern Poland.

The bulk of the rain should fall Thursday and Friday across much of this region. Some of the rain should make it into Germany although the flooding potential should be lower than areas farther south and east.

Although widespread flooding is not anticipated, some spots can be drenched with 2-4 inches of rain (5-10 cm). This amount rain, stretched over a few days could cause localized flooding issues.

Rain showers should begin to decrease through the weekend although plenty of clouds can remain.

Others in Europe will enjoy beautiful, sunny weather. High pressure stretched across the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia will promote dry conditions through the weekend.