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Dozens Airlifted From Yosemite's Raging Meadow Fire

Approximately 85 hikers and climbers have been airlifted out of Half Dome, a popular tourist attraction at Yosemite National Park, since the Meadow Fire ignited on Sunday, Sept. 7.

Roughly 100 more were evacuated from the Little Yosemite Valley where the fire continues to burn on both sides of the Merced River.

According to the National Park Service, the fire, caused by lightning, has already burned more than 2,500 acres, prompting the closure of all trails in the area.

Though some rain fell in the early morning hours Monday, it was not enough to contain the blaze. Precipitation is not forecast for the coming days.

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Light winds should not hamper the fire containment effort, according to Meteorologist Brett Anderson. "The fire itself, however, can cause gusty winds in the immediate vicinity even when the weather cooperates."

The fire will worsen air quality in the Yosemite Valley over the next several days.

According to a park service press release Monday, "Fires of this magnitude, in this area of the park have in the past produced heavy smoke that drains down into Yosemite Valley, so be prepared for smoke in the unhealthy AQI range or worse in the mornings, with some clearing in the afternoon hours."

The fire is one of a few burning within the park's limits. Though it is impacting major tourist areas, it pales in comparison to the scope of the Rim Fire last September.

The blaze burned for longer than one month and consumed over 250,000 acres, becoming the third-largest wildfire in California history.